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Explanation of symbol no. 3
3.4  The light centre to the left of the symbol symbolises the Godhead or the originator of the faculty to create of the universe.
      The flaming cross and the emanating rays symbolise the Godhead's invisible holy spirit or consciousness behind all manifestations, creative processes and creation in the universe.
      The two star figures symbolise two living beings or two groups of beings.
      The two orange-coloured rays, which cross each other, symbolise that the two living beings or groups of beings, from which they emanate, are at war or quarrelling with each other. The orange-colour means here in the present symbol technique, as previously mentioned, among other things, intolerance, war, quarrels or so-called "evil".
      The burning Earth in the symbol symbolises the sabotage of life or the living beings' well-being that results from intolerance, war, hatred or enmity between two groups, either between one man and another, or between whole nations or groups of people who are at war with one another.
      When the white radiating rays, which in the symbol express the "holy spirit", which is the keynote of the universe, that is, "Love", are prevented from touching the Earth, then it symbolises that where hatred rages, love cannot possibly be manifested. And where there is no love, only "Doomsday", "Armageddon" or hell can exist. But hell makes the "prodigal son" turn around and go back to his father. Then the keynote of life again enters into and becomes established in his consciousness, life and way of living.

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