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The Road towards Light
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4.1  The physical organism is only a transitory manifestation tool for an eternal spiritual originator
All living beings constitute, as we shall see later, a triune principle. This consists of an I and a super consciousness to which its subconsciousness is connected. This structure constitutes the real eternal "Something" that reveals itself through its physical organism. This organism does not belong to the primary being. It is only a temporarily constructed or created tool for the being's physical manifestation, creation and experience. Since it is created, then it is, like all other created realities, perishable, and becomes worn out and useless. Its spiritual originator must therefore free itself from such a useless tool or body. It is the being's process of liberation that we know by the concept of "death". This death is consequently not any real death, but a divine decree in the great cosmic structure of the universe. The spiritual originator lives on and can again be born in a new physical organism.

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