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Explanation of symbol no. 4
4.7  The trisected figures which in the symbol appear side by side, each symbolise a living being.
      The white area in each figure symbolises the concerned being's eternal and highest self or I.
      The violet area in the same figure symbolises the concerned being's eternal cosmic structure, which, in association with the "I", constitutes its superconsciousness, in which the structure of its subconsciousness is rooted. (More about this later.)
      The lowest coloured area symbolises the being's physical organism, which it governs, directs and leads by virtue of the superconsciousness. This reality constitutes, in conjunction with the "I", the eternal real living being and the temporal physical organism's true originator and master. When the trisected figures are shown in a row that increases in size from left to right, it symbolises that the living being is subject to evolution. During this development the beings grow from mineral life forms into plant life forms. And from these again they grow into animal life forms and from there into human life forms. These life forms each constitute the epochs of evolution that we know in daily life under the concepts of the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and the completely perfect or finished human kingdom. In the symbol furthest to the left, marked by the light indigo colour, we have the mineral kingdom. Then in the red colour the plant kingdom and in the orange colour the animal kingdom, then in the yellow colour the finished or perfect human kingdom.
      From the vertical white line in the animal kingdom and forward to the yellow area or the perfect human kingdom, we have the unfinished terrestrial human domain of evolution. The mentioned being still to some extent belongs to the animal kingdom in those spheres of consciousness inherited from this kingdom, which it has not yet overcome to the advantage of the human mentality, and for that reason, it has to be indicated as unfinished. The yellow fields symbolise the totally finished human beings, who constitute the real and correspondingly finished human kingdom, that kingdom which will be the final outcome of the present unfinished human kingdom on Earth.
      The orange-coloured star, with the long green ray and the short yellow-green ray symbolises human research, the green ray on the left symbolises natural science and the yellow-green ray on the right symbolises philosophy. The green ray further symbolises the faculty of intelligence, which is the highest faculty of cognition of the above-mentioned science. Therefore materialistic science cannot give the solution to the mystery of life. It is, on the other hand, its mission with its materialistic knowledge and ability to lead the way for the human beings' control of the powers from Nature's enormous ocean of energy to the advantage and relief of the human beings daily physical existence.
      The horizontal cone-figure in the symbol, which is composed of the figures that symbolise the living beings from the mineral kingdom to the finished human kingdom, constitutes a small section of the universe itself. The white and violet areas in the section constitute, as previously mentioned, the living beings' I and superconsciousness. These high-psychic realities are totally inaccessible to physical perception. The mentioned areas are therefore quite outside the domain of materialistic science. This is therefore limited to the lowest areas of different colours, which symbolise the beings' physical organisms or material structures. It can, with its intelligence, explore and analyse these. And from this it is able to create a certain philosophical understanding, which is symbolised by the short yellow-green ray.
      In the white and violet figures, which constitute the living beings' I and superconsciousness or the real, primary and eternal being behind the temporary physical organisms, the solution to the mystery of life is found. But this solution is accessible in regard to sensory perception only through the religious principle, which in its culmination is the same as the "holy spirit", or "cosmic consciousness".
      The yellow ray emanating from a small star and forward to a bigger star, from which two mighty white rays emanate, symbolises the religious principle. All the stages, both the materialistic, political and atheistic, as well as the commonly known religious stages in the unfinished human beings' realm of evolution, are results of the previously mentioned principle promoted by world redeemers and other leaders of different spiritual qualities, suitable to that group of people amongst whom they were incarnated. The final result of this divine principle constitutes the birth of cosmic consciousness in the human being, whereby the Godhead's completion of the creation of the human being in His image after His likeness has been fulfilled. By virtue of this final result, which in Livets Bog is expressed under the concept of the "great birth", the human being becomes sovereign and one with God. He has now himself become "the way, the truth and the life". This birth and the consequent cosmic consciousness is symbolised in the yellow star and the two great white gigantic rays at the top of the symbol.
      At the top of the symbol we see a picture of the Earth. It is placed just above the unfinished terrestrial human beings' step in evolution, where materialistic science is found, so as to symbolise the Earth in the course of its evolution finding itself at a stage, by virtue of which it can give the unfinished human beings precisely the conditions of life that are essential to their condition of experience and experience of fate, which are demanded in order that the above-mentioned beings can obtain the "great birth".
      The thin, orange-coloured line at the top of the symbol, which extends from the mineral kingdom to the Earth and on to the real human kingdom, indicates merely that this realm constitutes the part of the created world the terrestrial mankind has knowledge of (supported by scientific investigation).
      The small red star marks the boundary between the mineral kingdom and the plant kingdom, while the bigger orange-coloured star marks the boundary between the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom.
      Figure I in the small picture in the left corner of the symbol symbolises the living being. Figure II symbolises the human being without cosmic consciousness. Figure III symbolises the human being with cosmic consciousness, or the finished human being in "God's image, after His likeness". The dotted lines mark the sensory capacities of the two beings. We here see that the cosmic conscious human being senses the living being's entire physical and spiritual structure and thereby experiences the solution to the mystery of life, while the unfinished or cosmically unconscious human being is able to experience only its physical organism and other created or temporal and spatial phenomena. It cannot experience the cosmic or eternal facts. That is why life and the beings' immortality and eternal existence is a mystery to the unfinished human being.

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