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Explanation of symbol no. 5
5.6  This symbol symbolises the unfinished human being's ignorance about his cosmic and eternal structure. The question marks indicate that the being's ignorance or cosmic unconsciousness will sooner or later lead him to question his eternal or immortal cosmic nature.
      The coloured misty areas around the black circular area symbolise the principal level of consciousness. The red area expresses the being's "instinct". The orange-coloured area expresses the being's "energy of gravity", which is a contributory factor in the being's manifestation of energy and power. The yellow area signifies "feeling", which, amongst others, is a contributing factor in the creation of the being's manifestation of energy and power. The green area indicates the being's "intelligence". The blue area means the being's "intuition", while the light indigo coloured area expresses the being's "memory". When these coloured areas are mixed with one another in an apparently random, blurred and diffuse way, then it is to symbolise that the unfinished human being knows these ideas, but does not actually know how these mental phenomena are organised in its own mentality or psyche.
      The orange-coloured area within the dark circle symbolises the being's physical body. The centre behind the white cross, from which the rays emanate, symbolises the living being's I, while the white cross symbolises the totally perfect consciousness and the consequent totally perfect manifestation. For the very materialistically minded human being the sign of the cross is only a symbol of so-called "death", which it believes constitutes a complete end of its life and consciousness. The other uncoloured areas around the cross symbolise the being's high spiritual or cosmic structures and functions. These are uncoloured so as to indicate that these structures and functions are inaccessible to physical sensory perception and therefore are unknown to materialistic science.

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