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Explanation of symbol no. 6
6.11  The uppermost white area symbolises the living being's I, also expressed as "X1".
      The next main section of the symbol symbolises the eternal part of the I's faculty to create, which means its faculty to experience and manifest itself. It is expressed as "X2".
      The lowest main section expresses a temporal or "created" extension of the "I's" "eternal" faculty to create in the form of organic tools or bodies of manifestation and experience. We have expressed this section as "X3". Since these three phenomena denoted by "X" form an inseparable unit, which constitutes the "living being", this being is here evidently an eternally existing triune principle, which in all eternity has guaranteed, and in all eternity will continue to guarantee itself an eternally immortal or living existence.
      The violet colour here expresses life's highest field of energy. We have expressed this as the "mother energy" or the seventh basic energy. All life's main functions are rooted in this field of energy. Here life's most supreme factors regarding the regulation of life appear: the "masculine pole" and the "feminine pole". The round, coloured areas symbolise the I's basic talent kernels or "spiral centres". The coloured triangles, with which these talent kernels are connected within the field "X2" symbolise an eternal organic structure by virtue of which the I can create its changeable and thus temporal organic structures. Since "X2" thus is the seat of the "I's" most supreme and eternal organs of life, then we have called this field the I's "superconsciousness". We have called the more closely specified area in which these very supreme vital functions are rooted in the superconsciousness the "fate element". Since this element and the pole structure are not indicated in the present symbol we will return to these subjects later when describing other special symbols.
      The lowest main section in this symbol represents the "I's" temporary or "created" extension of its faculty to create, which constitutes the I's "subconsciousness". The six differently coloured vertical areas symbolise the living being's or the I's "created" structures or bodies, which carry its mentality. Through these it experiences its awake "day-consciousness" and "night-consciousness". Reading from left to right in the symbol these figures comprise: the "body of instinct", the red colour; the "body of gravity", the orange colour; the "body of feeling", the yellow colour; the "body of intelligence", the green colour; the "body of intuition", the blue colour, and the "body of memory", the light indigo colour. These bodies are temporary organic structures, which can be exchanged or transformed, all according to the I's temporary requirement in its changing position on the different steps on the ladder of evolution. They are thus each rooted in their own basic talent kernel in the structure of the superconsciousness, but actually constitute, with their "created" organs, physical and spiritual senses and the like, the structure of the subconsciousness. By virtue of the structures of the superconsciousness and the subconsciousness, and the bodies of the basic energies, the living being's functions of consciousness and bodily functions are manifested in the form of its experience and creation, its light and dark way of living, its appearance with "devil-consciousness" as well as with "Christ-consciousness" as the "human being in God's image, after His likeness". The symbol figure with the cross and the uncoloured fields just indicates that Symbol no. 6 symbolises the same as Symbol no. 5, but only with the difference that, while No. 5 symbolises the very unfinished human being's defective or primitive view and understanding of the living being, Symbol no. 6 symbolises the cosmically conscious human being's view of the same being.

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