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Explanation of symbol no. 7
7.8  This symbol symbolises a living being. The triangle and the white area in the middle symbolise the I and its superconsciousness, while the area around the white area symbolises its physical organism or body.
      In this body the smaller and smaller versions of the symbol are repeated several times within one another. This symbolises that just as these figures are built into each other, so too are the living being's organisms built into living beings' organisms and in this way the essential macro- and microbeings' state exists and guarantees living space and possibilities for creation and experiences for these living beings.
      Just as our physical organism forms the universe or living space for our organs, and these in turn form universes and living space for still smaller microbeings and so on continuously downwards towards the infinitely small, in the same way we are also, with our physical body, a microbeing in a larger organism, which in this case means the organism of the Earth, which is an organ or micro-organism in the structure or organism of the solar system. This in turn is a micro-organism in the galactic system, which in turn is a micro-organism in an even larger system or an even larger organism and so continuously upwards towards the infinitely great.
      The universe thus constitutes an infinite unit existing of unshakeably connected living beings within living beings. It thereby appears as a culminating and all-embracing ocean of life, consciousness, experience and creation. That this gigantic consciousness in itself constitutes one existing living being becomes a fact by virtue of the circumstance that no living being's consciousness, experience and creation can exist but through its absolutely unshakable connection and collaboration with the above-mentioned gigantic consciousness. But something which is unshakeably connected can exist only as a unit. But a unit of collaborating organs or bodies directed by the divine "Something", which is expressed as the I in the living beings, can exist only as a living being. The organism of this living being thus consists of the total sum of all existing living beings' organisms, which is the same as the whole material universe. In the same way its I and consciousness consist of all the existing living beings' I's and consciousnesses. That all existing living beings of the universe thus form one single all-embracing living being will here be evident by virtue of the circumstance that no living being whatever can exist but by its unshakable connection to and its collaboration with the living originator of this universe. We here get the first glimpse of the existence of an eternal Godhead with whom our "I", our consciousness, our organism, and thus our manifestation, experience and fate are inextricably bound.

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