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The Three Analyses of the Triune Principle
Symbols nos. 8-10
8.1  Consciousness exists behind the universe
We have already in the foregoing pages gained a first insight into the universe, which shows us the living beings' double principle or simultaneous appearance as macrobeing and microbeing. By virtue of this principle all existing living beings, and so the universe, become evident as an inseparable unit. Since this unit thus consists of living beings, it becomes a fact that it is alive and that, as we shall see later, there is nothing whatsoever dead in it. This is further emphasised by the fact that there is movement and therefore functioning and creation absolutely everywhere throughout this unit or the infinite realm of the universe, no matter how small a microcosmic field or how big a macrocosmic realm we pick out for examination. There is thus movement and consequently transformation everywhere. Since this movement or transformation is identical with logical creation, there is not only movement or creation in this unit, but also "consciousness". Consciousness in turn constitutes an unshakable proof of the existence of a living originator. In the following pages we shall prove the identity of the universe to be a living being.

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