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Explanation of symbol no. 9
9.1  Just as an eternal I exists behind the universe we see that this I also has a faculty to create. Since this is both eternal and infinite, it is also nameless. We have therefore called it "X2".
      The violet colour expresses this creative faculty's most supreme basic energy, which, as we shall see later, brings life's six other basic energies into a particular combination that is essential to the being's changing ways of experiencing life. We have called the "mother energy" this seventh basic energy.
      The large dark area in the middle of the symbol and the many small dark areas inside the edge of the symbol symbolise, as we shall see in Symbol no. 11, the eternal principle that determines that this "Something", as we have seen, constitutes the I in the living being, and which in itself, as an immortal element, constitutes the I in all existing living beings. Without this principle both the Godhead's and the living beings' existence would be an absolute impossibility. By virtue of this eternally unshakable principle, this "Something that is" existing behind all created or temporal and spatial things becomes evident as the I in the eternal Godhead and as the I in all existing living beings. It is this I that underlies the concept of "God" and "sons of God". It is in accordance with this that we also can express the Godhead by the concept of the "Father". It is this inseparable cooperation between God and the sons of God that maintains eternal consciousness or eternal life for all existing living beings. Absolutely all creation and experience of life depends on this cooperation.

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