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Reincarnation, Cycles and Seasons
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17.1  How God's creation of "the human being in his image" comes about
As we have already learned from the above the living being's present, physical, terrestrial life is not the only one it has experienced. Later on in evolution it will experience immortality with its own senses as an actual fact, but even now we can, by observing its consciousness, abilities and talents, such as they occur in the ordinary human, observe that these phenomena represent an unfinished state. It is not difficult either to see that people are not all equally unfinished. Yet, in order to be able to judge the living beings' unfinished state, one must first realise what is characteristic of the finished state. In the Bible we hear about this finished state, which is the goal for the living beings' evolution. The cosmic purpose of the living beings' evolution is thus expressed in these biblical words: "Let us make a human being in our image after our likeness." The realisation of this divine plan has been further consolidated for us through the process we call "evolution", which can be observed as a physical fact. It is impossible to live daily life without gathering experience. Experience is knowledge. A continuous accumulation of experience in the consciousness promotes mental growth, which in turn is the same as evolution. From new knowledge new interests are developed, just as new interests promote new creations, these in turn promoting the development of the ability to create and experience life. In this way the being is borne from lower to higher and higher forms of life experience.

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