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The Finished Human Being in God's Image after His Likeness
Symbol no. 23
23.1  From mineral to human being
In the above we reached the stage of the finished human being, which means that stage or kingdom about which Christ said, "My kingdom is not of this world." This kingdom, as we already know, does not yet exist on Earth. It exists only on planets with a higher evolutionary standard and a more highly evolved mankind than that of the earth. These beings are so highly developed that they constitute the ultimate result of the Godhead's creation of the human being in his image. The being from here has gone through all the stages of evolution. It began in its present cosmic spiral cycle as a mineral and plant form of life. It was transformed into the animal form of life and culminated in this as the devil-human being or as a being of darkness or the killing principle. It became the originator of war and misfortune. The effects of this became its Armageddon, its experience of the culmination of pain and suffering. With the evolution of its faculty of humaneness beginning here, it began to vibrate in harmony with the keynote of the universe, which is love. With this faculty a new epoch in its passage through the spiral cycle began. With the help of world redemption, it began to fight the animal side of its nature that still remained to be overcome.

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