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The Cosmic Radiance of the Earth
Symbol no. 27
27.1  The transformation of the Earth
As we already know from our previous analyses, the Earth has evolved so far that, regarded as an individual or living being, it is undergoing the great birth. Its present evolutionary stage is the ending of its manifestation as an unfinished human planet. Its outer astronomical environment is no longer catastrophic in any way whatsoever. There is no prospect of it colliding with any other planet or having dark karma inflicted upon it in any other way from outer space. It is thus advancing towards lighter astronomical circumstances, despite terrestrial mankind still having to undergo its backlog of dark karma before becoming perfect. From now on the Earth will gradually become more alive and pleasant for mankind. All the lower species of animals, particular beasts of prey and other carnivores are in the process of dying out on it. The same is true of snakes and other poisonous living beings that are detrimental to a higher kind of human existence. This includes the poisonous species of insects that cause disease. In the face of the human being's advance all jungle undergrowth and primordial forest will disappear in favour of a higher kind of human existence. All the lowest or most primitive human beings of the Earth today – pygmies, bushmen and the like – are advancing towards civilisation and culture. And they will thereby gradually reach the same level as the perfect human kingdom, and in due course become citizens of this kingdom along with all the other unfinished human beings currently living on Earth. As we have already explained in detail, those human beings that are most unfinished, will, like the rest of mankind, be changed, by the dark fate engendered by their unfinished nature from the animal to the human mode of existence. And we have symbolised this, unfinished terrestrial mankind's sphere of transformation, in the present symbol.

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