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Table of Contents for The Eternal World Picture, vol. 3   


Animal and Human Thought Climates
Symbol no. 33
33.1   "Evil" and "good"
We have already long since become familiar with the fact that the terrestrial human being is an unfinished one. It is at a transitional stage between animal and human being. For this reason it manifests itself with a degenerating animal consciousness and a growing human consciousness. Since people have not come equally far in this transformation, there are people who still have a lot of animal consciousness and very little human consciousness, just as there are also people with a lot of human consciousness and very little animal consciousness. The animal consciousness of the human being is in reality that which we know by the concept of "evil", while the human consciousness of the terrestrial human being is that which we know by the concept of "good". Since the human consciousness will grow and the animal consciousness will degenerate and disappear from the terrestrial human being, it is not so surprising that the principle of world redemption, through the humane religions, inspires and guides people to do "good", that is to say they inspire the humaneness in the human being. The foundation for this way of being is loving God above all things and one's neighbour as oneself.

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