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The Third Testament. The Fate of Mankind
(book no. 1)
© Martinus Institut 1986
4th edition 2013
ISBN 978-87-575-0746-1
Set in Century Schoolbook and printed by Køge KopiCenter A/S
Printed in Denmark 2013

– corresponding to the e-book:
2nd edition 2013 (978-87-575-5139-6)

Published by The Martinus Institute, Denmark

Translated by Mary McGovern, 1986
Revised in 1990 with the assistance of Adam
O'Riordan and Harald Berglund

Original Danish title: Menneskehedens skæbne (småbog 1)
1st Danish book edition 1962
© Martinus Institut 1981

First published in Danish in the magazine O.M. in 1933

First published in English in the magazine Kosmos in 1986

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