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The Third Testament. The Immortality of Living Beings (book no. 23)
© Martinus Institut 1981
4th edition 2013
1st edition 1970
ISBN 978-87-575-0745-4
Set in Century Schoolbook and printed by Køge KopiCenter A/S
Printed in Denmark 2013

– corresponding to the e-book:
1st edition 2013 (978-87-575-5122-8)

Published by The Martinus Institute, Denmark (

1st edition 1970 (edition not mentioned)
2nd edition 1992 (edition not mentioned)
3rd edition 2007 (called "2nd edition")

Translated by Mary McGovern, 1988-89 (revised 1992)

Original Danish title: De levende væseners udødelighed (småbog 23)
First Danish book edition 1965
© Martinus Institut 1981

The book consists of the following articles:
De levende væseners udødelighed (The Immortality of Living Beings), Contact Letters 1957
Åndsvidenskabens nødvendighed (The Necessity of Spiritual Science), Kosmos 1947
Primitivitet og overtro (Primitiveness and Superstition), Kosmos 1953

Copying, reprinting and reproducing text and images in other ways are permitted only with the written agreement of the Martinus Institute. Quotations from Martinus' works can be reproduced without permission if done in accordance with the Copyright Act.

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