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The Third Testament, Livets Bog, Volume 1
© Martinus Institut 1981
Third edition 2012, first printing 2012
ISBN: 978-87-575-0610-5
Set in Century Schoolbook and printed by Narayana Press
Printed in Denmark 2012

Published by Martinus Institut, Denmark (

Original Danish title: Det Tredje Testamente, Livets Bog, bind 1
First edition 1932
© Martinus Institut 1981

The Martinus Institute is grateful to the following persons for their involvement in this edition:
Jeanne Day – for translating
Karin Brant Nielsen – for checking with the Danish text
Caroline Norris – for proof-reading

Translator's note
Martinus wished his main work "The Third Testament" to be referred to throughout by the Danish subtitle "Livets Bog", pronounced "Leevets Boh" (The Book of Life)

Front cover symbol: No. 23, The Finished Human Being in God's Image after His Likeness. Back cover symbol: No. 19, Through the Initiation of Darkness (Hell or Armageddon). (Both symbols are explained in The Eternal World Picture, book 2)

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