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Martinus wished "Livets Bog" to be known in all languages by its Danish title, which means "The Book of Life".

Original Danish Title: Livets Bog 2 (1939)
2nd edition re-entitled Det Tredie Testamente – Livets Bog 2 (1982)

Translated by
Jeanne Day and Caroline Norris

Front cover symbol:
No. 23, The Finished Human Being in God's Image after His Likeness
(explained in The Eternal World Picture 2 on page 110)

Back cover symbol:
No. 19, Through the Initiation of Darkness
(explained in The Eternal World Picture 2 on page 42)


First edition, first printing
© Martinus Idealfond 2000
ISBN 87 575 0602 7
Printed i Denmark

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