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Table of Contents for On the Birth of My Mission

1.    Revelations past and present
2.    Judge not!
3.    To whom the birth of my mission is recounted
4.    Why should "revelations" not be just as possible now as in the past?
5.    Jesus heralds future revelations
6.    Only by virtue of love can the working of the Holy Spirit be realised
7.    It is not the object of the initiated to plagiarise the manifestations of other initiated individuals, but only, mentally and morally, to deepen man's comprehension of life
8.    Three reactions to my account of the birth of my mission
9.    My wish for my readers
10.    The essentials in this account and the basis of my appearance
11.    Situations in which it is urgent to speak rather than keep silent
12.    Why it is my bounden duty to speak
13.    The state I was in before my spiritual experiences
14.    Meditation proves to be the factor giving rise to my spiritual experiences
15.    What my friends really witnessed
16.    A Christ-like being in dazzling glory
17.    The golden baptism of fire
18.    Effect of the golden baptism of fire
19.    What if my experiences had not left positive results that could be investigated by others?
20.    What in my spiritual experiences is fundamental to the investigator
21.    A fact that remains despite current opinions of my spiritual experiences

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