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Table of Contents for The Ideal Food

1.    The terrestrial human being's senses of nutrition are distorted
2.    When the individual has neither the instinct nor the intelligence to choose the absolutely perfect food
3.    Aspirants to future abnormal incarnations or existences
4.    Why the terrestrial human being eats mainly coarse animal food
5.    The fifth commandment and the blood- and meat-eating human being
6.    The influence of unsuitable nourishment on the creation of the fate of its source
7.    Objections against the discontinuance of animal and narcotic food, and their refutation
8.    When the natural sense of taste is lost
9.    The effects of unfortunate nutrition can pursue the individual through numerous incarnations
10.    The necessity of the transformation of the sense of taste
11.    Why vegetarian food represents less killing than animal food
12.    "The thought process from below" and "the thought process from above"
13.    "Life units"
14.    "A list of sins" far longer than that for which one asks God for forgiveness
15.    Why one expresses the "life-units" as "vibration", "substance" or "matter"
16.    Our happiness does not depend only on our relationship to our fellow beings but also on our relationship to the "life-units" or the "substance" in our organism
17.    The principle of life-units in the universe
18.    "Inner" and "outer" conditions for the life-units or micro-beings in our organism as well as for ourselves
19.    As the "life-unit" constitutes matter's "primordial substance" the universe becomes identical to an ocean of "eternal life"
20.    When "living" things are regarded as "dead"
21.    The "intrinsic vibration" of the living being and the "intrinsic vibration" of substance
22.    Total lack of moral insight into the individual's relationship to the myriads of beings that constitute its "substance"
23.    Why vegetarian food is a healthier source of nutrition than animal food
24.    Why one boils food. "A life-units" and "B life-units"
25.    A temporary perfect food for the true God-like human being
26.    The present and the future
27.    "The ideal food" for the human being of today
28.    The connecting link between meat- and fruit-nourishment
29.    Boiling of the coarse or least digestible vegetarian products is retained
30.    Why pure fruit-flesh will be the food of the future human being
31.    Some hints to the beginner vegetarian
32.    Anaesthetising, intoxicating and stimulating substances cannot be proper food
33.    When one is without love towards the microscopic beings that constitute the "substance" in our own organism

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