Table of Contents for
World Religion and World Politics
  The Cause of the Fate of Terrestrial man
1.    Belief in divine revenge and favour
2.    "Sacrifice" and "atonement" in Christianity
3.    The experiences of suffering
4.    Our own "crucifixion"
5.    We ourselves are the cause of our own fate
  Pilate, Christ and Barabbas
1.    The Easter gospel and modern man's temperament
2.    Three roles in the human being's psyche
3.    The Pilate-mentality as the dominant temperament
4.    Pilate's goodwill
5.    Compromise solutions
6.    Fear of the opinion of "others"
7.    Nicodemus-mentality and Pilate-mentality
8.    The serious situation of the modern Pilate
9.    The release of the Christ-mentality leads to "crucifixion", but also to "resurrection"
10.    "Resurrection" or "the great birth"
  World Religion and World Politics
1.    The mystery of daily life
2.    Why war, Armageddon and suffering?
3.    Man's misunderstanding of the christian world ideals
4.    What the epoch of doomsday means
5.    Religion and politics are identical
  Why One Should Forgive One's Neighbour
1.    Legislation and the state in our time
2.    Laws with retrospective effect
3.    The fight for freedom and Christianity
4.    Christianity and the craft of war
5.    The contending parties' "prayer" for victory
6.    Christ's conduct is true Christianity
7.    The human being in God's image
8.    The human being in the Sphinx's image
9.    The instinct of self-preservation and behaviour
10.    The terrestrial human being represents a turning-point in evolution
11.    The principles of might and right
12.    The formation of fate, and the animal in the human being's nature
13.    Christ as the model for human nature