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The Living Being 1
Symbol no. 6
6.1  The analysis of the living being's "Self" or I can be only that it is "Something that is"
According to Livets Bog (The Book of Life) the living being is a triune principle. It thus constitutes an "I", a "faculty to create" and "that which is created". By the I one here understands the living being's most essential core. This I is "Something" that in itself is raised above all manifestation as it constitutes the author and the creator of the manifestation. It cannot therefore be analysed. If we say that this I is beautiful, that it is less beautiful, that it is divine or it is "devilish", that it is great, or that it is small, and so on, then these analyses cannot possibly be analyses of the I itself but, on the other hand, only of something that the I has manifested or created. The I thus existed before this creation. It has therefore in itself no analysis besides the fact that it exists and can therefore constitute only "Something that is".

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