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The Principle of Life Units or
the First Glimpse of the Existence of a Godhead
Symbol no. 7
7.1  If the outer world did not exist
In the previous symbol we received a first insight into the living being's eternal structure of life. But this structure of life, which means the living being's I and the eternal superconsciousness and subconsciousness and its organisms or bodies of manifestation connected to it, would be quite without any meaning and purpose if it were not based on creating an interaction with the outer world. What could the I experience if this outer world did not exist? To whom could it address itself and with whom could it exchange thoughts and feelings if no other I's existed that, by means of their organisms or cosmic and physical structures, could experience this operation and respond to it? How could it create or manifest anything at all if matter or substance did not exist? Every living being is thus just as dependent on the outer world as it is dependent on its own organism and cosmic structure. The I belongs unshakeably together with the outer world.

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