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List of articles

The collection comprises the following articles by Martinus:

A Christmas Story
A Glimpse of World Redemption
About Myself, My Mission and Its Significance
Amidst the Birth Pangs of a New World Epoch
An Anniversary
An Excerpt from Martinus' Account of his Second Visit to Iceland
Animals, Human Beings and Angels
At the Turn of the Year
Beyond the Fear of Death
Can One Live without God?
Christ and the World Picture
Christ and the World Picture
Christmas Candles
Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve
Christmas in Heaven
Christmas Rings with the Sound of Angels
Consciousness and Happiness
Correspondence between the physical and the psychic plane
Cosmic Flashes
Cosmic New Year Thoughts
Declining Cultural Factors
Do Human Beings have Free Will?
Does the Human Being Have a Free Will?
Does the Spiritual World Exist?
Does the Terrestrial Human Being have Free Will?
Downfall of a World Civilisation
Eternal Hunger and Satiation (the "Fall")
Everything is Very Good
"Evil" and its Cause
Extract from Bisættelse (Funeral)
False Prophets and False Christs
Father, Son and Fate
Formation an Dissolution of Matter
Freedom, Liberation and Peace
From the Martinus Centre 1938
God's Image
God's Senses
God's World and Our Own World
Hope and the New Year
How Can One Counteract One's Dark Fate?
How Does One Find the Strength to Forgive?
Human Beings' Mental Short-Circuits
Illness and its Cure
In the Shadow of Superstition
Information about my Spiritual Work
Judge Not
Judgement and Protection
Justice, Pleasantness and Love
Liberation from Flock Consciousness
Life Force and How We Direct Our Will
Life Protection and Life Guarantee
Life's Fate-Drama
Life's Mental Winter Solstice
Light in the Darkness
Man and his Life-Force
Mankind and the Earth on their Way towards Cosmic Initiation
Mankind's Hunger for Love
Marriage and Universal Love
Memoirs (1:8)
Memoirs (2:8)
Memoirs (3:8)
Memoirs (4:8)
Memoirs (5:8)
Memoirs (6:8)
Memoirs (7:8)
Memoirs (8:8)
Mental Illness 1 – Spiritual Suicide
Mental Illness 2 – Mental Skin Diseases
Mental Short Circuits
Moral Education
Nationalism versus Internationalism
Natural Cordiality
Nervous Breakdown and Religion
Night Consciousness and Paradise
On my Style and my Language
On the Altar of Love
On the Royal Road of Life
Out of the Darkness
Pages from God's Picture Book
Particles, Empty Space and the Power of Thought
Physical and Spiritual Experience
Physical and Spiritual Experience
Proletarian Consciousness and King Consciousness
Question Time with Martinus
Question Time with Martinus in Varnhem, Sweden
Question-time for study-groups 1970
Render unto Caesar the Things that are Caesar's and unto God the Things that are God's
Sensory Perception and the Spiritual World
Spirit and Electricity
Spiritual Science
Spiritual Suicide
Stone, Water, Air, Spirit
Sunrise at Klint on Easter Morning 1954
Terrestrial Mankind's Number One Guardian Angel
The Absolutely only Effective Method of Becoming Free of a Possession
The Bible within the Bible
The Catalogue of Life
The Christmas Mystery
The Christmas Ship
The Christmas Speech of the Universe
The Christmas Star
The Commandment Thou shall not kill
The Consequences of Overtaxing the Mediumistic Ability in Previous Lives
The Cosmic Forces behind World Redemption
The Cosmic University
The Cosmic World Picture in Pocket-Sized Edition
The Courage to Face and Love Life
The Creation of an International World Kingdom
The Cycle of Marriage
The Day of Judgment
The exercise of the will and the will of God
The Eyes of God
The Faculty for Death and the Faculty for Life
The First Christmas Carol on Earth
The Fixed Point and the Movement
The Forgiveness of Sins
The Garden of Gethsemane
The Gethsemane Law
The Godhead and the Courage to Embrace Life
The Godhead and the Courage to Embrace Life
The Guardians of the Threshold
The Holy Night
The Holy Spirit
The Human Being's Ability to Work
The I and its Own World
The I at One with Eternity
The I, the Spirit and the Body
The Innermost Sensation and Mission of the Highest Fire
The Judas Mentality
The Kingdom of Heaven or the Cosmic Temple of Life
The Kingdom of the Son of God 2
The Kingdom of the Son of God. Guardian Angels in the Earth's Consciousness
The Living Being's Eternity Body
The Living Being's Existence outside Matter
The Lost Horizon
The Mental Change of Course
The Miraculous Power of Prayer
The Mystery of Death
The Mystery of Easter
The Necessity of Spiritual Science
The new sensory Dimension
The New World Culture after Armageddon
The Old and the New World Culture
The Origin of Life Force
The Perishability of Private Ownership
The Power of Thought
The Psychic Aspect of Prayer
The Redemption of Humankind
The Renewal of the Godhead's Consciousness
The Rich Man and the Eye of the Needle
The Road to Peace
The Road to True Happiness
The Second Coming of Christ – the Coming of the Comforter
The Secret Power behind Weapons
The Sheep and the Goats
The Small and the Great Resurrection
The Small and the Large Spiral Cycle
The Soil and the Good Seed
The Sounds of Christmas
The Sounds of Christmas – God's Closeness in the Darkness
The Supreme Commander in Chief
The Temple of the Psyche
The Three Cosmoses or Returning to Providence or God
The True Cause of War, its Virus or Infectious Germs
The True Relationship to God
The True Relationship to God 2 – The "Secret Closet"
The Unarmed Kingdom of the World or the Kingdom of Heaven
The Universe’s Foundation of Life (the Three Cosmoses)
The Virgin Birth
The way out of the fear of death
The Way, the Truth and the Life
The Word
The World Situation and "God's image"
Thoughts about Easter
Three Kinds of Fate
Through Purgatory
Through Purgatory and Paradise
Through Purgatory and Paradise 2
Through the Gates of Death – Sleep and Death
Time, Space, Eternity and Immortality
To be One with the Father
Two Kinds of Hunger
Two Worlds
What is Animosity?
What is Death?
What is the Meaning of Death?
Why Do People Live in Excessive Fear?
World Reason
World Salvation


List of questions and answers

Martinus was occasionally asked questions; here are some of his answers:

A Cosmic Analysis of Vaccination and its Significance
Answer to a Letter from a Sick Person
Flying Saucers
On Tolerance as the Ideal Attitude to Life
Question no. 01 on burial and cremation as temporary measures
Question no. 02 on why burial is preferable to cremation
Question no. 03 on meat-eating as a vital necessity for animals alone
Question no. 04 on the destruction of life in vegetarian nutrition
Question no. 05 on death by starvation because of a lack of vegetarian food being the "greatest evil"
Question no. 06 on the loss of nutrients through cooking and digestion
Question no. 07 on whether fasting is beneficial or not
Question no. 08 on raw food versus cooked food
Question no. 09 on what one remembers of life on Earth after death
Question no. 10 on consciousness during sleep and after death
Question no. 12 on the reliability of clairvoyance
Question no. 13 on the fact that low-psychic abilities such as spiritualism are degenerating
Question no. 14 on experiencing spiritually scientific answers
Question no. 15 on Reincarnation and immortality as scientific facts
Question no. 16 on reincarnation and justice
Question no. 17 on Jesus Christ as a world redeemer
Question no. 19 on killing insects, rats and mice as the "least evil"
Question no. 20 on fertilisation and the creation of embryos
Question no. 21 on when artificial insemination is justified
Question no. 23 on our neighbours in our microcosmos, mesocosmos and macrocosmos
Question no. 24 on the I being the same I in all living beings
Question no. 25 on the difference between God and other beings
Question no. 26 on the fact that Martinus' spiritual science is not a society or a sect
Question no. 27 on temporal and spatial sensory perception
Question no. 28 on sensory perception outside time and space
Question no. 29 on suicide worsening our dark fate
Question no. 30 on suicide causing suffering and giving rise to experience
Question no. 31 on the "every man for himself" attitude in animals and man
Question no. 32 on Martinus' world picture as fact for the advanced researcher
Question no. 33 on how the transformation of the sexual poles makes women's organisms less suitable for giving birth
Question no. 34 on spiritual nutrition, spiritual digestion and spiritual excrement
Rather cross the Atlantic on a raft than work in an office

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