Employed staff

Eigil Kristensen

Aninet Sommer

Mobile phone: +45 44 12 43 48 | E-mail: aninet@martinus.dk

Aninet (born in 1962) has been the coordinator of volunteers at the Martinus Centre, Klint since June 2023.

She is a trained educator and adult-education teacher with 20 years of experience. Since 2000, she has worked in and managed shops and cafés.
Aninet has known about Martinus Cosmology since 2005.

Peter Bendtsen

Chelina Isabella Sørensen

E-mail: chelina@martinus.dk 

Chelina (born in 1969) is employed to work 5 hours a week as a stand-in in reception and as a stand-in for the coordinator of volunteers at the Martinus Centre, Klint. She also produces brochures, carries out other ad hoc tasks and helps out at the Martinus Institute. 

Chelina is a psychotherapist and body therapist who works with young people and trauma clients in her own practice in Klint and in Copenhagen. She has also many years of experience with customer service. 

Chelina first encountered Martinus Cosmology in 2006 at a lecture at the Martinus Institute and has been a volunteer for the Cause ever since.

Eigil Kristensen

Finn Elmegaard-Flammild

Mobile phone: +45 21 96 24 35 | E-mail: finn@martinus.dk

Finn (born in 1959) is responsible for the buildings, installations and gardens at the Martinus Centre, Klint.

Finn is a trained blacksmith and engineer and has worked for many years as a self-employed tradesman.
He became acquainted with Martinus in 2008, and, since 2011, has been a daily presence at the Martinus Centre after having purchased a house nearby.

Eigil Kristensen

Irene Lundbjerg Larsen

Mobile phone: +45 44 12 43 45 | E-mail: irene@martinus.dk

Irene (born in 1969) has worked as the restaurant manager at Martinus Centre in Klint since February 2023; she is also responsible for the centre’s kitchen garden.

Having qualified in 1990, Irene has over 30 years of experience as a chef, and since January 2015 she has lived on and produced nothing but vegan, plant-based food. From 2019 to 2022 Irene ran her own plant-based, vegan restaurant Green Love in Frederiksberg. Organic, biodynamic vegetables and high-quality produce are a high priority in Irene’s kitchen, where the food is prepared from scratch.

In addition to being a chef, Irene has a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and health. She is also a trained healing massage therapist.

Irene has been acquainted with Martinus Cosmology since 2010.

Jens Christian Hermansen

Jens Christian Hermansen

Mobile phone: +45 44 12 43 46 | E-mail: jenschristian@martinus.dk

Jens Christian (born in 1976) is responsible for the Martinus Institute’s magazine Kosmos, which is published in a number of languages. In 2019, he became head of communications and joined the day-to-day management of the Martinus Institute, the Martinus Centre, Klint and Moskildvad.
Jens Christian is a sociologist and has worked as a teacher and researcher for a number of years. He has studied Martinus Cosmology since 1997 and is today also involved in teaching and running conferences. He is also a member of the Council of the Martinus Institute.

Jonas Dalmose

Jonas Dalmose

Mobile phone: +45 44 12 43 47 | E-mail: jonas@martinus.dk

Jonas Dalmose (born in 1980) is responsible for IT, technology and livestreaming at the Martinus Institute and the Martinus Centre, Klint.

Jonas is trained in photography, graphic design, Esperanto, music, teaching and IT support. He has visited the Martinus Centre, Klint since childhood and began actively studying Martinus Cosmology as a teenager.

Kirsten Ribert Larsen

E-mail: Rcatering@outlook.dk

Kirsten Ribert Larsen (born in 1962) is employed 10 hours a week as an assistant chef at the Martinus Centre, Klint.

Kirsten’s motto is “bring joy to the day”. She is in her element when she dances, prepares food from delicious ingredients, hugs, walks, potters around in her garden and when she enjoys quiet moments by herself. She lives in the Martinus-inspired co-housing community “Gaia’s Garden” in Nykøbing Sjælland.

Jonas Dalmose

Mathias Dalmose

Mobile phone: +45 44 12 43 49 | E-mail: mathias@martinus.dk

Mathias Dalmose (born in 1983) is responsible for Reception, where he takes care of the sale and booking of courses and accommodation.

Mathias has an MSc in the psychology of language, and has previously worked as a teacher in various places, particularly in the fields of language and communication. He has known about Martinus all of his life, and has volunteered at the Martinus Centre every summer since about 2000.
Peter Bendtsen

Mayanoa Kjaergaard

E-mail: mayanoa@martinus.dk

Mayanoa (born in 1970) is employed to work 5 hours a week and works online
with the Institute’s and the Centre’s Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Mayanoa has an MA (business languages and interpretation) in Spanish from Copenhagen Business School and works freelance in her own business as a state-authorised interpreter and translator. She is from Copenhagen and is currently temporarily stationed in Spain. Mayanoa first heard about Martinus Cosmology in 2008 through some friends and has worked voluntarily for the cause ever since.


Jonas Dalmose

Pernilla Rosell

Mobile phone: +45 44 12 43 44 | E-mail: pernilla@martinus.dk

Pernilla (born in 1969 in Stockholm) is responsible for coordinating the teaching at the Martinus Centre and the Martinus Institute, and she is also responsible for the Martinus Institute’s publishing house and archives. She has been an employee since October 2022, at which time she also joined the day-to-day management team.

Pernilla was trained as a language teacher and has for a number of years worked with training teachers and with language didactics. She has known about Martinus Cosmology since she was a child and has taught Martinus’s world picture at the Martinus Centre since 2010.

Peter Bendtsen

Peter Bendtsen

Mobile phone: +45 44 12 43 43 | E-mail: peter@martinus.dk

Peter (born in 1952) has been responsible for the accounting function at the Martinus Institute since 2010. This includes the running of the Martinus Institute and the Martinus Centre in Klint, the Institute’s publishing activities, Kosmos subscriptions and course activities. Peter also works with various IT tasks.

Peter is a graduate in accounting and organisation and has broad experience from financial functions in several types of companies. He is also a trained psychotherapist and has for a number of years worked with patients with stress, anxiety and depression, among other things, in his own clinic.

Peter Bendtsen

Tony Kim Ingemann Sørensen

E-mail: tony@martinus.dk

Tony (born in 1962) is employed to work as a cleaner at the Martinus Centre, Klint 5 hours a week. He also does various odd jobs on a voluntary basis and arranges study groups based on the book “The Structure of Cooperation”.

Tony was trained as a school teacher and as a special needs teacher and has worked with special needs education for a number of years. He is a trained masseur and has many years of experience of working in the care professions.

He has studied Martinus Cosmology since 2012.


Peter Bendtsen

Torben Husum

Mobile phone: +45 44 12 43 42 | E-mail: thusum@martinus.dk

Torben Husum (born in 1969) is employed as the manager at the Martinus Institute with responsibility for the volunteers and the day-to-day running of the Institute. In addition, he works with IT and live-streaming. He has been trained as a computer scientist and a school teacher.

Torben has worked as a JAVA developer in the IT industry and for many years as a 10th grade teacher in Copenhagen. He has taught Danish, English, IT and media studies as well as optional subjects such as philosophy and social studies. He has previously studied musicology and philosophy at the University of Aarhus and the University of Copenhagen.
Torben found Livets Bog (The Book of Life) at the library in the early 1990s and has studied Martinus’s world picture ever since.