Plant-based restaurant and café


The Martinus Centre in Klint is known for its delicious plant-based meals, which are served in a warm and relaxed atmosphere in the centre’s own Restaurant Terrassen and Café Klint. The prices are reasonable and the food is made from scratch by our own chef from healthy, predominantly organic ingredients.

Outside the summer season we are open during courses and other activities; you are always welcome to drop in.

During summer courses and major events, we serve some or all meals in the restaurant and delicious, organic afternoon snacks in the café.


In Café Klint you can buy hot and cold organic drinks, fruit, snacks, cakes and other goodies from the restaurant’s kitchen.

Contact the Martinus Centre in Klint for further information: e-mail or phone + 45 38 38 01 00

Opening hours


The restaurant is open for dinner  17.30-18.30.

6.-7. October, 14.-21. October and 27.-28. October.

Price DKK 110 (buffet)

Opening hours will be announced and updated on this page.