Handbook for Volunteers

Would you like to spend time as a volunteer at Martinus Institute or Martinus Centre in Klint? In our Handbook for Volunteers (available in Danish), you can read how the work is organised, what rules you must comply with and what rights you have as a volunteer with us. Our starting point is that everyone – volunteers, guests, students and paid employees – must have a good and inspiring experience.

Contact us if you would like to volunteer

olunteer at the Martinus Institute:

Contact Pernilla Rosell at the Martinus Institute
by mail: pernilla@martinus.dk or phone: +45 44 12 43 44

Volunteer at the Martinus Centre, Klint:

Contact Aninet Sommer by email:
klintfrivillig@martinus.dk or phone: +45 44 12 43 48

We look forward to hearing from you.