Intellectual property rights


Martinus decided that his entire body of work should be protected by the copyright rules of society. He transferred all responsibility for and all rights to his complete work The Third Testament to the Martinus Institute (see his Deed of Gift here).

Information and education. Everyone may contribute

Everyone is welcome to spread knowledge of The Third Testament, for example, by teaching Martinus’s spiritual science.

Within the framework of the Copyright Act, everyone has the freedom to quote Martinus.

For information and teaching purposes, you may freely link to the texts, symbols and lectures available on the Institute’s website See practical guidelines below.

What limitations apply?

If you would like to quote more from Martinus’s work than the Copyright Act immediately allows, you must have written permission from the Martinus Institute. This applies, for example, if you would like to publish larger passages of text, lectures or symbols.

In all cases – including presentations in lectures and so on – a clear reference to the source shall be provided. In the case of symbols and longer quotations, the copyright must also be indicated:
© Martinus Institut 1981.

When using quotations and symbols in films, the copyright, the title of the symbol and the permission of the Martinus Institute must appear in the film credits.

Please contact us at We will then clarify any doubts and together ensure that Martinus’s works are protected and disseminated in the best way.

Practical guidelines

You can link to to give direct access to the official versions of texts (see Practical Guidelines) and symbols (see Practical Guidelines).

Via the links on the right you can read more about the copyright and educational work associated with Martinus’s work.

I don’t think that Livets Bog should be monopolised, but we live in a world where people are not completely evolved, and where this is the case we have to protect our things. (Martinus at a Council meeting, 1974)