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Martinus was a very prolific writer who left behind an extensive life’s work consisting of books, articles, lectures and hand-drawn symbols. But he was also a skilled oral communicator and a very social person who gathered a large, lively circle of interested people around him. This has given his work good conditions for survival. Today, there is a large international network of interested people who use the inspiration they get from Martinus in their daily lives. It is also very significant that in many areas Martinus was far ahead of his time — and still is today, over 40 years after his death. The themes he took up in his works are at least as topical today as they were in his own time. This applies, for example, to themes such as: • Nationalism versus internationalism • Community spirit and peaceful coexistence • Health and vegetarian lifestyle • Gender identity and sexuality So it is no coincidence that there is still today a large, lively circle of people interested in Martinus in Scandinavia and many other places around the world.
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Before his death, Martinus bequeathed his entire work to a foundation whose purpose is to preserve and disseminate his works. The foundation’s activities include running a small publishing house, publishing the magazine Kosmos and organising a wide range of courses and lectures based on Martinus’s world picture. The work is done largely by volunteers. Everyone – regardless of their background or convictions – is welcome to study and participate in the foundations’s various activities. Interest in Martinus is not a denomination or faith you can become a member of, but a framework within which you can explore and understand existence and your own life. Most activities take place either at the Martinus Institute in Frederiksberg or at the Martinus Centre, Klint in Odsherred.

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A study with no strings attached

“Take what you can use and leave the rest.” This was Martinus’ own suggestion to all who those are interested in his world picture.

Interest in Martinus is not a religion, and there are no special precepts that you must follow in order to be able to learn about his world picture and be inspired by it.

Everyone is welcome at Martinus Institute and the Martinus Centre, Klint.

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