Visit Martinus’s childhood home

Martinus grew up in poor circumstances in the small, North Jutland town of Sindal. His childhood home “Moskildvad” has been restored to how it was around 1900 and is open to visitors throughout the year.

Martinus spent his first years in Sindal, where he lived with his foster parents. Later he always referred to his childhood in Moskildvad as happy and his foster parents as good and loving people.

The house has been preserved as a small museum, where everything is decorated in accordance with Martinus’s own drawings and descriptions of the house from around 1900, when he lived there.

Come by and experience the unique atmosphere of the place and enjoy the beautiful surrounding countryside. You can have a guided tour and watch films about Martinus’s childhood, his life and his work. The museum is open all year round.

Martinus' barndomshjem

Moskildvad’s opening hours

The house is open by appointment all year round.

Ulstedbovej 15, 9870 Sindal, Denmark

40 DKK per person. Free for children under 12 years.

Tel. +45 22 24 74 77 or e-mail: