Theme: Plant-based nutrition

Martinus was in many ways ahead of his time. For example, he was a vegetarian and saw a plant-based diet as the best choice for human health. On this theme page you can learn more about Martinus’s view of nutrition and of the body as a living microcosm.

Why eat plant-based?

  Today, more and more people are choosing to eat more vegetarian food and less meat. New plant-based products are emerging, and many people – the young in particular – are becoming vegans both for health reasons and out of consideration for animals, the environment, climate and resources. Research shows that plant-based diets reduce the risk of heart disease, dementia, depression, diabetes and several forms of cancer. Martinus’s analyses of what kind of food is best for people are very clear, and he saw a strong link between our health and our treatment of other living beings. But he also knew that it took time for people to change their habits. As early as 1933, he wrote, for example, in his book The Ideal Food, that he could not get fishermen to give up fishing right away, and in the lecture series The Grand Course (1955-56) he said: “I’m not so naive as to think that I can make people stop eating meat. I’m not going to make them stop it. But that’s not my intention either. It is my intention to create a science so that one person after another begins to feel that having to kill animals is unpleasant.” Martinus always directed his messages first and foremost towards people who are in themselves open to change. If you would like to know more about his views on diet and health, you can find more information on this page.  

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Martinus’s view of diet and health (Kosmos 2020/3 Pages 8-12)

Martinus ved skrivemaskinen

Martinus’s book on plant-based nutrition

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Podcast about food

Study the theme in depth

1 Book 5: The Ideal Food Martinus often emphasised that neighbourly love is the way to a happy fate. In this little book, he argues that if we want to be happy, neighbourly love must be extended to both animals and  the micro-individuals in our organism.
2 Article: Why do people live in excessive fear? In this article, Martinus shows how the transition from animal to vegetable food can help alleviate the excessive fears many people have and that are linked, among other things, to the killing mentality of animal food production.
3 Kosmos No. 3/2020 with theme “The Mystery of Food” In this issue of our magazine you will find articles and symbols of Martinus about diet. There are also interviews with two vegans who are interested in Martinus about the importance of food in their lives. Among the topics we take up are: plant-based diet and health; the microlife in food; genetically modified foodstuffs; and raw food versus cooked food.

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