Martinus' kiste

Humane funerals according to Martinus

If you are interested in Martinus’s world picture, you may have given some thought to the principles of humane funerals that he has described in his work. The basic idea is that by choosing a gentle method of burial, you allow the microlife in your body to complete their own life paths in the most natural way.

In his book Bisættelse (working title: On Funerals), which is not yet available in English, Martinus describes the development of a new humane funeral culture based on the principle of reincarnation and an expanded understanding of neighbourly love that also embraces the microlife in one’s abandoned body. According to Martinus’s analyses, this has implications for how the body should ideally be treated when one dies.

Martinus saw the body as a microcosmos filled with microscopic forms of animal life. He believed that this microlife – like all other forms of life – has its own life paths that should ideally be lived to their end. A humane funeral supports this aim by, among other things, avoiding cremation.

More about humane funerals

The Martinus Institute has prepared a leaflet in Danish with more detailed information on what options you have to choose a more gentle funeral in Denmark. We have also prepared a statement that can help you to record your wishes for use by your surviving relatives when the time comes.

This material is not available in English, but you are always welcome to contact the Martinus Institute if you have any questions about humane funerals or need any advice about arranging or planning them.