The Martinus Centre, Klint

The Martinus Centre, Klint is a course and holiday centre located in the middle of Odsherred’s beautiful countryside; here a large part of the teaching of Martinus’s world picture takes place. The centre has its own café and plant-based restaurant and can be rented by external guests for holidays, meetings and conferences.

You will find the centre in a scenic area by the village of Klint near Nykøbing Sjælland. Here, in 1935, Martinus founded Denmark’s first holiday camp as a meeting place for the growing number of people interested in his spiritually scientific work. Today it has evolved into a modern course and holiday centre with a large capacity.

Here you will find course facilities, a café, a restaurant, a camping site and a number of larger and smaller holiday homes including holiday cottages and pavilions.

Martinus Center

Everyone is welcome

Throughout the year, the Martinus Centre, Klint offers various types of teaching based on Martinus’s writing. Interest in Martinus is not a religion or faith, and there are no special precepts or anything else one has to follow in order to enjoy a stay at the Martinus Centre.

The Martinus Centre, Klint is known for its special, open and friendly atmosphere, the ambiance and social gatherings contributing to the fact that many guests return year after year.

Outside the peak summer season, the centre’s facilities are continuously rented out to individuals and organisations, the centre forming a pleasant setting for both holidays, meetings and conferences.

Based on volunteering

The Centre’s activities are run largely by volunteer staff who help the few employed staff with a wide range of tasks that they themselves choose on the basis of their own wishes and skills. Working together is based on a friendly and welcoming approach and a common interest in Martinus’s spiritual science.

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