Theme: Gender and Sexuality

Martinus lived without judging other people and had, among other things, an open and positive view of gender perceptions and sexuality far ahead of his time. Learn more on this theme page.

Why are gender roles and sexuality changing?

  Gender and sexuality are very important in today’s social debate, and deviating from the norms has to some extent become easier. This makes it easier for many people to be identified as they are. In Denmark new legislation, among other things, means that being homosexual and bisexual, for example, has become easier, but in large parts of the world those who do not conform to the norms are judged harshly. Traditional religious thinking often contributes to condemnation. But there need be no contradiction between spirituality and openness to different perceptions of gender and sexuality. Martinus is a good example of this. A hundred years ago, he showed great understanding of people who deviated from the norms of gender and sexuality. In fact, he saw it as a sign that mankind is slowly evolving towards a new balance between masculinity and femininity – with the evolution of an entirely new “third sex” as the final result. On this theme page you can learn much more about Martinus’s particular views on gender and sexuality – and how both play an important role in his spiritual world picture.  

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Martinus’s view of sexual evolution (Kosmos 2019/4 Pages 8-11)

Martinus ved skrivemaskinen

Article by Martinus on gender and sexuality

Lyttende tilhører

Podcast on sexuality

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1 Article: “Marriage and Universal Love”
2 Article: “World Salvation”
3 Kosmos No. 4/2019 with the theme “He, She or Ze?” In the magazine you will find texts and symbols by Martinus on gender and sexuality. In articles and interviews we address topics such as Martinus’s analyses of the evolution of sexuality, radical changes in gender roles, the phenomenon of “queer” and the sexual principle – or the highest fire, as Martinus also calls it – and its fundamental significance throughout his world picture.
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