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The Danish writer and mystic Martinus (18901981) devoted most of his life to writing and communicating a new spiritually scientific world picture, the foundation stone of which is a message of love that transcends traditional religious and philosophical boundaries. Martinus’s work, which is collectively entitled The Third Testament, consists of over 6,000 pages and 100 coloured symbols.

Martinus’s world picture is a resource that is available to all independent thinkers who are interested in the existential and spiritual questions about life.



Martinus’s life and upbringing


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Martinus today

A study with no strings attached

“Take what you can use and leave the rest.” This was Martinus’ own suggestion to all who those are interested in his world picture.

Interest in Martinus is not a religion, and there are no special precepts that you must follow in order to be able to learn about his world picture and be inspired by it.

Everyone is welcome at Martinus Institute and the Martinus Centre, Klint.

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