Summer weeks

The six summer weeks are the high season for the activities at the Martinus Centre, Klint, where people interested in Martinus from far and wide fill our camping site, holiday accommodation, teaching facilities, café and restaurant in order to enjoy one another’s company, the countryside and the many and various activities. The last two weeks of these six are the International Weeks with participants from around the world.

Every morning you can listen to a lecture based on the theme of the week, and every afternoon there are sessions in which Martinus’s symbols are explained and discussed. In the two International Weeks the lectures are simultaneously interpreted into English, German and Dutch. You may also enrol in a study group where various texts by Martinus are discussed.

See our full programme for both summer weeks here on p. 18-19 in our online English programme.

Sommer på Martinus Center

Practical information

The International Weeks are from Saturday 22nd July—Saturday 5th August. Saturday is the arrival and departure day. The other days are course days with lectures, café seminars and study groups.

Payment for on-site courses:

As a course participant you can buy a study card that is valid for one week or one day at a time. The price is 1,350 DKK for a week and 270 DKK for one day. A study card + meals (lunch and dinner) for a week costs 2,225 DKK. The price of a single lecture is 100 DKK.

Café seminar:

We begin the teaching with a café seminar about the theme for the week every Sunday at 11.00 am—12.30 pm in the Restaurant Terrassen.

Meals and accommodation:

You can rent one of the centre’s holiday houses or rooms or live in the camping site. See accommodation and prices in our online English programme.

Lunch and dinner can be purchased in the Restaurant Terrassen or Café Klint.