Martinus’s symbols

Martinus also worked visually and drew 100 symbols, which are an important part of his collected works. They are a good complement to his many texts and provide a more easily accessible overview of the laws and principles of his world picture.
Martinus arbejder med et symbol
One could say that with his symbols Martinus wanted to make what he could see visible to others. Or as he himself put it:

“Through the technique of the symbol, the details of the spiritual or cosmic world are thus made physically accessible. They have been rendered visible in an artificial, physical way.”

(The Eternal World Picture 1, The Symbols, sect. 3)

All symbols are composed of carefully selected colours and figures, each illustrating different aspects of Martinus’s analysis. Each symbol is also provided with an explanatory text that is important for the understanding of the symbol. All 100 symbols are also available with brief explanations in our online library.

Many people interested in Martinus find that the symbols facilitate their comprehensive understanding of Martinus’s analyses, and they are very often used during courses on his world picture and in other teaching situations.

Here you can find the symbols

Bøger af Martinus
100 symbols with explanations are published in the book series The Eternal World Picture 1-6 also known as the “symbol books”. Vols. 1-4 are currently available in English.
Symbol af Martinus
All 100 symbols is in our online library with short explanations.
Undervisningslokale med symbol på væggen
Some of the symbols are available as posters in our webshop.