Books by Martinus

Martinus’s writing consists of more than 40 books and a wide range of articles with which he worked tirelessly for almost 60 years. Below we present a brief overview of his works and more detailed introductions to his most important books.
Martinus collectively entitled his life’s work The Third Testament. This title covers his entire production of books, symbols, lectures and articles. His complete works are published by the Martinus Institute, which holds the copyright to them.
Livets Bog
Livets Bog (The Book of Life), vols. 1–7
is his main work, which provides a detailed introduction to Martinus’s spiritually scientific world picture. The first volume is an introduction to the whole work, while the later volumes deal in depth with a wide range of central themes. Martinus wished that Livets Bog be known by its Danish title in all translations. Vols. 1–5 are currently available in English.
Det Evige Verdensbillede
The Eternal World Pictures 1–6
can be seen as a supplement to Livets Bog, where Martinus, using 100 coloured symbols and their explanations, presents the main principles of his world picture. The last three volumes of The Eternal World Picture were published after his death on the basis of posthumous explanations and transcribed lectures. Vols. 1–4 are currently available in English.
Grand Kursus
The Grand Course
is based on a series of 15 lectures Martinus gave in 1955–56 in which he presented an easily accessible overview of his world picture. It is clear from the book that Martinus was skilled at communicating verbally. The Grand Course contains 76 of Martinus’s hand-drawn symbols. Not yet available in English.
Logik og Bisættelse
Logic and On Funerals
are two of Martinus’s earliest works. Intellectualised Christianity is a collection of unfinished, posthumous manuscripts published after Martinus’s death. The English edition of Logic is out of print and awaiting retranslation. On Funerals and Intellectualised Christianity are not yet available in English.
28 shorter books
on various themes, some including articles. See our internet bookshop for details. Most of the articles have also been published in the magazine Kosmos. The articles can be found in our online library. 14 of the shorter books and many of the articles are available in English.
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