Forhallen på Martinus Institut

The organisation

The Martinus Institute of Spiritual Science – commonly known as the Martinus Institute – is a commercial foundation that Martinus founded with the purpose of communicating his spiritual world picture.

The foundation holds the copyright to Martinus’s works and also aims to:

  • preserve Martinus’s collected works unchanged as he left them
  • provide information on his works and make them available to interested parties through publishing, translation, teaching and other means;
  • provide grants for activities that promote the above objectives;

Read more in the statutes of the Martinus Institute of Spiritual Science.

Management and administration

The Martinus Institute’s top management is a board, which, at Martinus’s request, is called the “Council”. The Council shall consist of five members and two substitute members.

See who is currently a member of the Council.

The day-to-day management of the Foundation’s activities is carried out by Pernilla Rosell and Jens Christian Hermansen.

The institute, which houses the administration and the publishing house, is situated on Mariendalsvej in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. The institute is also responsible for the running of the Martinus Centre, which is a course centre in Klint, Odsherred, and Martinus’s childhood home in North Jutland.

Employees and finances

The Martinus Institute is an idealistic organisation and workplace where a small number of employees and a large number of volunteers work together.

Read more about how you can be a volunteer.

The foundation’s finances are based on book sales and courses, another significant source of income being gifts and inheritances. All annual reports are publicly available.