Summer Weeks

The summer at the Martinus Centre, Klint consists of six course weeks – the last two of which are international weeks with participants from many countries. In the mornings you can hear lectures on the theme of the week, and in the afternoons there are symbol presentations based on Martinus’s visual world of symbols. In between there is ample opportunity to relax, study or enjoy nature and socialising with other course participants. All morning lectures will be interpreted simultaneously into English, German and Dutch.

Summer week 6

Saturday 3rd August—Saturday 10th August 2024
THEME: From the art of war to the art of living

After every war, more people become pacifists. In the past, the art of war was the noblest of arts. All the suffering that has followed in the footsteps of wars and conflicts over the centuries has fuelled a growing compassion and care for one’s neighbour. The longing for peace and research into humane conflict resolution and a fair distribution of resources is growing. Love will transform all science, art, agriculture, economy and so on into care for all life.