Guidelines and lists of corrections to the Danish editions

In 2011, the Martinus Institute began a republication of Martinus’s collected works The Third Testament in the original Danish. The new version has a hard cloth binding with gold print on the front, and the dust cover features the two well-known symbols nos. 23 and 19 on the front and back. The new edition has been set with contemporary spelling, and the text has been thoroughly checked with previous editions and with the original manuscript, a process that revealed several minor printing and typographical errors that have since been corrected. The intention behind the new edition has been to realise as far as possible Martinus’s wishes for his works and thereby live up to the Institute’s obligation to preserve Martinus’s complete works unchanged and to publish them in an appropriate form. Changes to the text are recorded in lists of corrections that show all the corrections between the first edition and the latest edition. The lists of corrections are posted on this page as new editions of individual books are published. The institute’s language group has been responsible for the extensive work of reviewing the works, and the basis for this work is described in a set of comprehensive guidelines for the entire publication of the works, which includes not only Martinus’s written works, but also his symbols, posthumous manuscripts and lectures. The guidelines have been developed in collaboration with Michael Kallesøe Schmidt, who has a PhD in Danish literature and has experience in republishing texts with a complex publication history.
For “Guidelines for the publication of Martinus’s collected works” and lists of corrections to the Danish editions see here.