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What happens after death is one of life’s great existential questions. Martinus saw death not as an end, but as a transition from a physical form of existence to a spiritual one. Here you can learn more about Martinus’s view of death and reincarnation.

What happens after death?

  This is one of the existential questions most people ask themselves during their lifetime. Often in connection with grief – and for many people the notion of death is frightening. Not so for Martinus. In his world picture, death is merely a transition from one kind of existence or state to another. Or as he himself put it in the article Through the Gates of Death – Sleep and Death: “What we call death can be like a glorious sunset from the physical world and a wonderful sunrise in the spiritual world.” On this theme page you can learn much more about how Martinus viewed death and reincarnation.

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Martinus on death and the process of death (Kosmos 2020/2 Pages 9-13)

Martinus ved skrivemaskinen

Article by Martinus on death

Lyttende tilhører

Podcast about death

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1 Book 25: The Road to Paradise In this little book, Martinus analyses the background for our common notions of death and goes through the phases of the death process as they appear from a cosmic perspective.
2 Article: What does death mean? In this article, Martinus looks at the widespread fear of death and argues that it is unfounded because death is not the end of life, but “a birth into the realms of light that people with their spiritual seeking are striving for”, as he puts it.
3 Book 16: The Principle of Reincarnation In this little book, Martinus explains, among other things, how death must cease being a mystery, and why on this step in evolution we are reborn in a new physical body.
4 Kosmos No. 2/2020 with theme “Death” In the magazine you will find articles and symbols by Martinus on death and the transition to the spiritual world. There are also several interviews by the Dutch near-death researcher Pim van Lommel and others. We also deal with topics such as the journey into and through the spiritual world, suicide, near-death experiences, euthanasia and humane burial.

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