Changes in the composition of the Council

In January, Willy Kuijper stepped down as both a member and as chairman of the council of the Martinus Institute. The new chairman is Kenneth Ibsen.

Willy has had a long and eventful journey since 1980, when, at Martinus’s request, he joined the Institute’s board or council. Read more in the Danish edition of Kosmos no. 1, in which he recounts his experiences. Fortunately, Willy will not disappear completely, since he will continue in an advisory capacity. In this way the council can continue to benefit from the extensive experience his long journey has given him.

In his stead Arendse Plesner becomes a full member of the council; at the same time we welcome Thomas Størup as a new substitute member.

See the current members of the council here, where you can also read more about Thomas: