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Use of symbols

In response to the growing interest in putting Martinus' texts and symbols on the web while maintaining copyright, we have also written a note with short guidelines. The note can be found here.

Martinus' symbols are not pictures or illustrations in the normal sense. They express details of the spiritual or cosmic world and make them physically accessible. The symbols are also linked to a symbol explanation, the symbol and the symbol explanation thereby forming a unique unit. In order to accommodate these special circumstances, the Martinus Institute has made the following guidelines for the use of the symbols.

The symbols are protected by copyright. The aim of this is to ensure that the form, content and colours of the symbols are always reproduced as exact copies of the original symbols.

The symbols may be “quoted”, and a limited number of symbols may be reproduced without permission if the following points are adhered to:

  1. The following text must be printed immediately below the symbol:
    - © Martinus Institut 1981
    - Reg. XX
    - If the symbol is shown in a film, the above information should be
       provided in the credits along with a statement to the effect that the
       symbol has been reproduced by permission of the Martinus Institute

  2. The following must also be included in connection with the symbol:
    - The title and number of the symbol (according to The Eternal
    - a reference to where in The Eternal World Picture the symbol is explained
    - either a short symbol explanation (The Institute has made a short
       summary of all 44 symbol explanations on the homepage, which can be
       used, or one can use the longer, original symbol explanations from The
       Eternal World Picture).

  3. The size of the symbols must be sufficient to ensure that the details can be seen and that the artistic expression is not infringed. This involves preserving the proportions of the symbol and the surrounding black area. Sections of a symbol must not be reproduced; it must always be shown in its entirety. Explanatory tests, reference marks and the like must not be placed on the symbol itself.

  4. The symbols must appear in connection with a text or pictures that show respect for what the symbols are: ”… identical with cosmic world laws, basic principles, ideas, causes and sensory methods.” (Livets Bog (The Book of Life), vol. 1, sect. 9).

  5. The symbols must not be used as trademarks, logos, eye-catching devices, decoration or ornaments in public spaces or in publications of any sort, including homepages.
    - The symbols must therefore not be used on business cards,
       letterheads, CD/DVD’s (or other digital media), as logos on web sites,
       articles, books etc, as front- and/or back-cover illustrations on books,
       CD/DVD covers, audio books, e-books, articles etc.

If you would like to reproduce a large number of symbols, written permission from the Martinus Institute is required. The symbols must form part of informative material that has an independent aim or expresses an independent idea or opinion. Presenting the symbols must not be the main purpose of the publication.

See further information on the Martinus Institute’s copyright to Martinus’ works in the enclosed information about copyright. 

Practical guidelines

Links to the symbols on Practical instructions
If you would like to show one or more symbols on a homepage you are welcome to link directly to the symbols shown on Thus you can ensure that the symbols appear in their correct form with their respective symbol explanations. See the practical instructions here.

If you are in doubt as to the use of the symbols, you are always welcome to contact the Martinus Institute Technical questions can be sent to