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Livets Bog (The Book of Life)
Since this work [Livets Bog (The Book of Life)] is a fundamental science of life, thereby constituting a factor in all instruction about what creates harmony and disharmony in the life and existence of the living being as well as in the appearance, culmination and downfall of nations, cultures and human societies, the thought material or analyses contained in it cannot avoid becoming the foundation for the creation of absolute “lasting peace” between peoples, between kingdoms and countries all over the world.
(The Collection of Articles 1, art. 14.2)

Livets Bog (The Book of Life) consists of 7 volumes and is Martinus’ major, central work. Along with The Eternal World Picture vols. 1-5, which contains 77 symbols, it constitutes the core of his description of his spiritually scientific world picture. Nature is the "book of life", whose language the human being is learning to understand. This takes place through, among other things, the experiences of science. Without knowledge of the physical laws of Nature, people would be unable to use the forces of Nature and create modern technology. By also acquiring knowledge of the spiritual laws of Nature, it will gradually be possible for us to understand ourselves and others, and finding meaning, logic and love in existence.

Livets Bog forms the basis for a science of life. It analyses the principles that render our experience of life possible. It shows how our existence is connected with Nature as a whole, and how we create our future, our fate, by the way we think and act today. We are evolving towards becoming "real", completely evolved human beings. The principle of the "right of the stronger", i.e. dictatorship, is undermined in favour of a growing humane attitude to life, i.e. democracy. The dark world events of our time are birth pangs of a future world culture of light, which will lead to a radical transformation of existence for us all.


Volume 1

Volume 1 is an introduction to the whole work and can be recommended for people new to Martinus’ world picture. It contains the Preface to Livets Bog, and describes a series of core elements in the eternal world picture. Includes: the world situation - the divine creative principle - the new world impulse - an international world state in the making - mankind’s receptivity to the new world impulse - basic energies and planes of existence - evolution from animal to man - 8 symbols with explanations. 292 pages.


Volume 2

Volume 2 describes the "cosmic chemistry" with which Martinus expands the science of chemistry’s teaching on the reactions of physical substances to include teaching on the reaction of "superphysical" substances, i.e. the substances and kinds of energy that lie behind the known physical world. Includes: the law for the reaction of substances - cosmic chemistry as the "science of fate" - the eternal power sources of the I - sleep and the nature of sleep - the symbol "The Combination of the Basic Energies" - thought climates - the triune principle as the highest analysis of existence - cosmic language teaching - the basic answers to the mystery of life. 304 pages.


Volume 3 (English translation currently in preparation)

In volume 3 the description of cosmic chemistry continues with main topics such as: the symbol "The Principle of Cycles", the symbol "The Solution to the Mystery of Life", and an exposition of "63 substances of life". Also includes: Nature as a living being - the meaning of the term "in God’s image" - life as a rhythmical movement between two extremes - how talents and dispositions come into existence - what the number system expresses. 535 pages.


Volume 4

Volume 4 and volumes 5-7 have "Eternal Life" as their common main heading. The focus of the analyses changes here from the outer, cosmic, technical structure of living beings to their many forms of life experience. Vol. 4 includes: the sensory perspective of the living being - temporal and eternal analyses - all living beings as one family - the identity of our neighbour - neighbourly love and sexuality - the principle of world redemption - the symbols in the story of Adam and Eve - marriage - amorous love - criminals, revenge and punishment - the genuine and the false principle of business - democracy and communism - politics and religion - the symbol "Life and Death". 507 pages.


Volume 5

Volume 5 has "The Highest Fire" as its main theme, with focus on Martinus’ core analysis of "the principle of the transformation of the sexual poles". Includes: masculine and feminine beings - beings that are sexual halves and sexual wholes - why the religions cannot save mankind - the meaning of the terms "in God’s image" and "the second coming of Christ" - the animal becomes a human being - marriage and neighbourly love - the happy and unhappy zones of marriage - the various types of human beings: from type A to type K - the "great birth" - the sexual sphere as the alpha and omega of the cosmic cycle. 333 pages.


Volume 6 (Not yet available in English)

Volume 6 has "the kingdom of God or the fairy tale of life" as its main theme with focus on the way out of darkness and the beginnings of insight into higher levels of consciousness. Martinus describes this evolution as "the greatest fairy tale of life". Includes: the principle of reincarnation - logic, the law of creation - cosmic consciousness as the "holy spirit" - prayer and meditation - the universe as a living being - the details of Nature as "letters", "words" and "sentences" in a "superterrestrial language" - the innermost cause of all illnesses - everything is very good - intuition and cosmic glimpses - the power of neighbourly love is greater than that of the atom bomb - the being’s free will - the power of thought as vital force - the nature of electricity - the innermost cause of movement. 384 pages.


Volume 7 (Not yet available in English)

Volume 7 has "cosmic world morality" as its main theme with focus on the neighbourly loving way of being that will form the foundation of way of living in the future human kingdom. Includes: intolerance keeps people in a perpetual state of war - when might and not right dictates existence - how the human being can free itself of dark fate - the basis of the cosmic world morality - the creation of true peace as a question of evolution - the experiences of suffering will lead mankind out of the horrors of the day of judgment - the difference between amorous love and neighbourly love - life’s greatest demand on people today - the new world culture has already begun - postscript. 272 pages.