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The Martinus Institute has a large amount of historical material, which is either directly or indirectly related to Martinus’s life and work. In this part of the online library you will find letters, photos and historical editions of Livets Bog in Danish.

Eksempel på billede fra fotogalleriet
Photo Archives
In the photo gallery you will find a large amount of pictures — both from Martinus’s own life and from life at and around the Martinus Institute and the Martinus Centre in Klint.
Originalmanuskriptet til Livets Bog
Historical editions of Livets Bog (The Book of Life)
The Martinus Institute ensures that the historical editions of Martinus’s books are preserved and available for use by those who are interested in history. Both the original, typed manuscript and the first edition of Livets Bog are available here in digitised form.
Enjoy exploring the historical material!

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